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How Configuration Management Systems Deliver Change and Compliance

The fundamental capability which configuration management provides is backup and archiving of critical configuration data from network and server equipment. This along with collecting detailed inventory data provide the basis for managing change and compliance.

The ability to detect, report and alert on change in near real time improves overall service availability and reduces the time required to identify the cause of incidents and outages.

This paper is to help Network Engineers, IT Managers and Executive Leadership understand the benefits of configuration management and how it contributes to change and compliance management at the business.

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Optimizing and Automating Event Management to Support Incident Management

Opie has just arrived in the office and sat down to check his email. “Holy moly!” He yells out. He is looking at a massive influx of email messages in his Inbox from the Event Management tool, which was just configured to send out the alert notifications via email. “There’s no way the operations team will be able to respond to all those notifications in an efficient and timely manner. There has to be a better way to handle and address network events.”

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8 reasons why Citrix Desktops-as-a-Service is right for your business

To meet the increasing demands of customers and the expanding mobile workforce, organizations of all sizes are moving toward an always connected workplace—where employees can work from anywhere and on any device.

Today, small and mid-sized businesses are turning to Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), which enables workers to access the apps and data they need to get their job done as well as provide IT with cost efficiencies and centralized management.

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Technology is complex. Desktops-as-a-Service is not.

Technology is Complex. Desktops-as-a-Service is not.

Your Windows desktop and Microsoft productivity applications are the technology lifeblood of your business.

It’s where you run your business and how your employees get work done. From communicating with customers and processing orders to managing finances and working on your most sensitive documents—Microsoft is front and center.

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Citrix Managed Desktops

Citrix Managed Desktops is a service solution that provides your team with a secure high-definition experience that allows you to access your work from anywhere. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, this simple solution is easy to set up and manage giving you more time to focus on your business and less time on your IT.

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Webcast TLS and the Zero Trust Paradigm

The Zero Trust model, based on the simple principle of “trust nobody”, defines rules which enhance the security of networks against attacks, whether they are initiated from the outside or within. However, with rise of encryption of Internet traffic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to implement the Zero Trust model in an effective way. 

This On Demand webinar discusses:

  • The Zero Trust model.
  • The role visibility plays in the implementation of Zero Trust .
  • How TLS decryption is essential for a fool proof Zero Trust strategy.

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Cyber Resilience Preparedness: Expert Insight Tips and Guidance

Navigating a turbulent cybersecurity climate can be hard – especially as threats like Petya and WannaCry continue to cripple organizations. Business disruption, downtime, technical failure and data loss are all real risk factors that can’t be ignored.

The power of preparedness is in your hands. It’s time to start thinking holistically about safeguarding against email-borne threats and mitigating risk – it’s time to implement a cyber resilience strategy.

Get expert insight, tips and guidance from industry thought leaders on how to build a cyber resilience plan for email in this eBook.

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Conversational Geek: Office 365 Risk Mitigation

The right third-party solution can ensure email is protected against advanced cyberattacks and guarantee service availability SLA – all while leveraging your investment in Microsoft Office 365™.

But, are the three key areas of concern around Office 365 email you should be aware of?

Download this report to discover the key features and functions you need to address security, data assurance and continuity for Office 365 email – and what to look for in a single solution that does it all.

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Osterman Research: Why You Must Archive Business Content And What You Can Do With It

The right solution for archiving electronic content provides the foundation supporting the conventional, defensive applications for data retention such as compliance and e-discovery; but also the proactive applications that enable competitive and other advantages.

Sponsored by Mimecast, this paper from Osterman Research details how archiving trends and use cases are changing and key recommendations on building a next-generation solution.

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Building a Modern Information Governance Strategy

Information management is getting harder.

Organizations face increasing data volumes, more stringent legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements, stricter privacy rules, increasing threat of breaches and decreasing employee productivity.

Companies are also finding that their old-fashioned, legacy archive strategies are increasingly ineffective. This is driving many organizations to rethink their approach, developing more modern Information Governance strategies.

Download this whitepaper to explore how to build a modern information governance strategy.

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eBook: Rescue Resolve Evolve

Millions of workers are walking around with their office, computer, filing cabinet, phone, email, working documents, and more right in the palm of their hands.

Many no longer even have a physical office to go to. They’re on the road, work remotely, and connect virtually with employers, clients, and partners who may be in a different city or country altogether.

What enabled this new work reality? Technology. For ever-growing numbers of people, whether they’re IT professionals, marketers, operations folks, salespeople, or others, tech is elemental.

And when a tech problem crops up, work comes to a stop. It’s a point of friction every worker, IT department, and enterprise has experienced—and one that nobody needs. So how does IT resolve issues quickly while evolving the business’s capacity to succeed?

This insightful guide walks you through the five foundational elements of frictionless support.

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IDC Exec Summary-Support as a Competitive Differentiator

To better understand how existing support technologies are meeting the needs of users, IDC surveyed 450 people about their support experiences and preferences at work and on their personal devices. IDC also surveyed 950 support providers for information about their support programs and the technology they use to deliver support.

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FreddieMac- Crawl, Walk, Run – Improve IT operations with xMatters

Over the course of the past several years, FreddieMac's IT service management needed a way to pull support staff and information from workday, the current system at the time. They needed a tool that was easy to use, worked reliably all the time, and something that was consistent and fun. Instead of updating information manually on spreadsheets, they were able to achieve IT excellence with xMatters.

Learn more about FreddieMac's journey with xMatters, and how they integrated with ServiceNow to master roster rotations, manage escalations among staff, and streamline the IT infrastructure to grow from ~100 to ~300 support groups.

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