Forrester research: The total economic impact of IBM Integration Bus

Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying IBM Integration Bus. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the Integration Bus on their organizations and compare that impact with other existing alternatives. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an Integration Bus implementation, Forrester interviewed an existing enterprise customer with multiple years of experience using IBM WebSphere Message Broker, an earlier version of IBM Integration Bus. Download this study now to review the key findings.
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Agile Computing: The Time is Right for DevOps

Can your organization rapidly deliver quality applications? For 60% of your peers, the answer is no. In this research report from CA Technologies and IDG, read how many IT leaders are finding help through the DevOps movement: a discipline with the mission to improve IT service delivery agility and quality.
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The A-Game: Playing to Win in State and Local Government

From governance issues to unique technology challenges, state and local agencies are using emerging technologies to create winning services and policies. Discover new tools and techniques for leveraging IT innovations and strategies to create winning results. This Center for Digital Government technology playbook for government agencies on choosing the right technology for government modernization.
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Big Five in Overdrive: Are State and Local Networks Ready?

As state and local government organizations grapple with tight budgets, demanding constituents, growing data volumes, and cross-government coordination challenges, the "Big Five of IT" – data center consolidation, mobility, security, big data, and cloud computing – promise to improve agency performance, productivity, and service. But are state and local networks ready? Recent research determined that the Big Five will choke Federal networks if agencies don't take steps to prepare for increased network demands now. This research report examines potential network impact, state and local readiness, and how organizations can prepare for the onslaught.
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Worldwide Enterprise Communications and Datacenter Networks 2014 Top 10 Predictions

New trends impact networking costs, which can already represent a significant portion of IT spending. Mobile devices and cloud computing as well as video viewing may drive network requirements to new and unseen levels. This report from Gartner forecasts changes to enterprise network capacity over the next five years by evaluating the impact of cloud, mobile, video and BYOD using a range of scenarios. This research will help network planners to understand the challenges and measure which kind of evolution is best practice.
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Workload Automation: Accelerating Digital Services Delivery

Now, application developers and IT operations can streamline the development and management of batch services. They’ll no longer have to deal with manual processes for defining batch jobs and workflows, or traverse multiple, disparate scheduling tools. How? With the right workload automation.

Download this white paper to learn how a well-architected workload automation solution can help you:

• Shrink application development time and cost
• Deliver higher quality digital services
• Increase IT’s agility to meet the demands of the business

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Meeting the Exploding Demand for New IT Services

The last five years have fundamentally changed the way people interact with technology, leaving IT in a reactive mode. As business customers have rushed to “consumerized” services and experiences, IT is beginning to redefine its approach to offering IT services. In this eBook, explore the top trends driving the New IT for IT Service Management, and how leading organizations are evolving to focus on end-user experience.
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The Business Context of of Aligning IT with the Organization

This paper provides a general business overview for organizations that are seeking advice on how to align IT within the organization. In a dynamic and globalized economy, where IT has its own agenda, interesting business and marketplace factors have emerged thanks to C-level studies, unraveling how both CIOs and CEOs are now targeting similar objectives. Never before have organizations found themselves in a more instrumented, integrated, and intelligent world as today, where challenges must have extraordinary solutions.
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The Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device

You've Seen Some of the Commandments - But Finding the BYOD Promised Land Requires All Ten End users are demanding their own devices in the workplace making IT the shepherds of a potentially unruly flock. The good news is IT can embrace BYOD with security and confidence given the right preparation and technology. Whether you're supporting iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows, the rules of BYOD don't change. Download today to see all the tenets of implementing an effective BYOD program in your organization.
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