Continuous Delivery is Reshaping the Future of ALM

Continuous delivery equals competitive advantage releasing software many times a day may sound like science fiction, but it’s reality for a growing number of firms. Continuous delivery is a shift to assembly of components and services, and a new DevOps compact provide the means to pivot away from the frustrations of the past to become the enabler of new, exciting digital customer experiences.
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Continuous Delivery: Five Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners

Continuous Delivery is a development discipline in which software can be released to production at any time. It’s about building a development and release pipeline where early feedback, automated build and test, and incremental deployments into production can dramatically speed up release cycles. Indeed, you accelerate your time to market -- providing a continuous flow of “release candidates” for business acceptance -- without sacrificing quality.
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Continuous Delivery in Practice

Continuous Delivery allows you to get new features and capabilities to market quickly and reliably— both highly desirable outcomes. But to achieve these outcomes, you need processes and controls that make sure your continuous delivery reaches its full potential.
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Continuous Delivery: The New Normal

Continuous Delivery is an emerging software development methodology that automates and improves software delivery. By building the capability to rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly push out enhancements and bug fixes to customers at low risk and with minimal manual overhead, software development organizations can respond to business needs faster and improve satisfaction for business stakeholders and end users alike.
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Survival Guide for Data in the Wild

It’s a wild world outside the corporate firewall. Protecting data for your entire company is a heavy responsibility. There’s the employee who leaves his laptop in the airport. And the former employee who still has access to corporate data from her personal device. Or the ever-present danger of litigation. You’re accountable for a wide range of scenarios that put your corporate data at risk.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Learn from the experience of others to ensure that you’re prepared for every threat to your corporate data in the wild. With step-by-step instructions, this Survival Guide is your most valuable tool for keeping corporate assets out of harm’s way.

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7 Elements Radically Simple OS Migration

OS migration is typically time-consuming and expensive. The average enterprise migration project takes 18-32 months from conception to completion and involves significant IT time and end-user downtime.1 An endpoint backup solution can drastically simplify the process by enabling IT to migrate data and personal settings effectively and seamlessly.
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Data Integration for Dummies eBook

Whether you need to explain data integration to the business (or your boss, kids, or parents) or you’re looking for an alternative to hand-coding data mappings, “Data Integration For Dummies” is for you. This eBook gives you the information you need to learn the basics fast and make smarter decisions.

You’ll learn what data integration is, how it works, and how you can use the technology to become more competitive as you combine your existing data sources with new data sources to provide the business intelligence your organization needs to compete effectively.

Download your copy and get up to speed on:

• The top 10 criteria to keep in mind when shopping for data integration tools
• Data integration challenges that crop up in every implementation, and how to tackle them before they get out of control
• Real-life examples of how data integration can help for sectors like government, retail, healthcare, and finance
• How it's now possible to launch data integration on a small scale and grow on-premise and in the cloud, with virtually no hand-coding

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Delivering IT as a Service: Preparing For the Private Cloud

Virtualization and cloud computing have permeated throughout IT and the enterprise, with users putting down a credit card to provision a new application and IT struggling with the challenges of keeping the lights on while trying to become change agents that LOBs demand. What can enterprises do now to accelerate their transition to delivering IT as a Service, with streamlined provisioning of applications, storage and servers to meet ever-changing business demands? Join us for this webinar to hear Cloudcor CEO Khazret Sapenov and Slashdot industry expert Michael Krieger discuss the steps that all businesses - whether or not they are currently cloud-based - to take to improve the speed with which IT operations can deliver on functionality and features promised to users.
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Boost IT Visibility and Business Value With Service Catalog

Decision makers at many organizations question the investments made in IT. This is often because they don't fully understand the value delivered by IT service management (ITSM) or by compliance with recommended best practices such as those defined by the IT Infrastructure Library or ITIL®. This often pressures CIOs to demonstrate the value of IT to the business. Learn how creating a great service catalog can help alleviate these pressures and why many consider it to be fundamental to any IT improvement initiative.
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Powering Transformation – The IT Revolution is Now

The IT Revolution is happening and the time for change is now - don't settle for inflexible systems built on legacy technology. Download the white paper to find out how next-gen IT solutions are flexible, intuitive, social and powerful - and how IT in the cloud will help your organization not only keep up with today's complex IT ecosystem, but manage it more efficiently than ever before.
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Customer-Centric Cloud Provisioning

Looking to increase your organization’s competitive agility, IT's value to the business, and end-user satisfaction and productivity? Have your administrators been overwhelmed managing huge numbers of virtual machines? Do you want to leverage public and private cloud technologies to address these challenges but struggle to understand what this means? Instead of asking what cloud means to you think about what cloud means to your customers. Download this white paper and learn why understanding your customers and these expectations is key in understanding how to deliver on them.
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Select the Right Cloud-Based ITSM Solution

CIOs and IT organizations must reevaluate their operations in order to keep pace with the changing nature of today's business. Fortunately, there’s a new generation of ITSM solutions available via a more flexible SaaS delivery platform. They make the basic tasks of day-to-day ITSM easier, and also address challenges associated with an increasingly face-paced and demanding work environment. This step-by-step guide helps CIOs select the right cloud-based ITSM platform to capitalize on today's latest innovations.
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The New IT

Your people and business can do amazing things when technology runs at its best. The new ITSM experience helps organizations achieve greatness in today's mobile, social and user-centric reality. Discover a better way for users to access service and support anywhere, anytime. Explore enhanced productivity for IT staff, and seamless integration across IT operation management systems. Download now.
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