Why HCI and Why Now?

Change is happening. Are you and your organisation being left behind? Analyse the three main approaches for equipping your data centre, and see how HCI should be a priority consideration.
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VMware Hyper-Converged Software: Simplifying VDI Environments

Business mobility has become an essential consideration for organisations, but it is not without its challenges, especially where storage is concerned. Find out how VMware Hyper-Converged Software can be a simplified, affordable solution that enables organisations to lay the perfect, flexible foundation for mobility needs.
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5 Key Initiatives to Wow Your Workforce With Your Service Desk

Each interaction between your employees and your service desk affects the reputation of the entire IT and operations teams. In this report, Forrester analysts Elinor Klavens and Eveline Oehrlich explore how choosing the right automation solution can:
  • Radically improve "moments of truth"
  • Keep your workforce productive
  • Reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction
Plus, find out 5 tips on how you can own your service destiny today!

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IDC Whitepaper: NetApp All Flash FAS: Performance of Flash with Feature-Rich Enterprise Storage Functionality

ESG published white paper focusing on NetApp Flash Strategy and Offerings—a Breadth of Choice. NetApp supports hybrid infrastructures—including cloud as needed—in both principle and in fact. Within that infrastructure, it offers a portfolio of differentiated solutions—multiple all-flash arrays, and multiple hybrid flash arrays—that enable NetApp’s customers to integrate flash into their enterprises in whatever way makes the most sense for their business, needs, and options/constraints. NetApp has been a leading trailblazer in flash for some years now: it is to be applauded for thinking broadly and not just following the herd to certify an SSD or two into its storage boxes.
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Flash Storage For Dummies, NetApp Special Edition

Flash Storage for Dummies, NetApp 2nd Special Edition, describes the many uses and benefits of flash storage technology in the enterprise. From flash-accelerated storage to all-flash arrays, flash technology improves performance and increases reliability in storage infrastructures. The book examines various elements of flash storage: how it evolved, and why you should consider it for your storage infrastructure. The book explores key differences in NetApp’s flash storage solutions: NetApp Flash Cache, Flash Pool, all-flash FAS, and the EF-Series.

You’ll also learn five strategies for using Flash in your next storage project. In that classic For Dummies style, you’ll get some useful tips on how to best incorporate flash in your IT environment.

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Vblock 540 Overview

Learn why the VBlock System 540 is the industry’s first ‘All Flash’ based converged infrastructure system for mixed, high-performance workloads and emerging third-platform applications.
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VXBlock 540 Overview

Learn why the VxBlock System 540 is the industry’s first ‘All Flash’ based converged infrastructure system for mixed, high-performance workloads and emerging third-platform applications.
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VCE Lifecycle Assurance: Doing the Hard Work So You Don’t Have To

A Vblock from VCE isn’t just a sum of its parts—it’s a new way of implementing and supporting missioncritical infrastructure. The value a customer derives over the entire lifecycle of her systems doesn’t end with initial performance improvements or cost savings—it enables IT to offload the massive expense and risk associated with endless patch management and regression testing to VCE, enabling IT to remain focused on strategic initiatives.
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Time for Converged Infrastructure?

Managing corporate information technology infrastructure has long centered on the challenge of getting the pieces—servers, storage, networks—to work together.

With converged infrastructure (CI), that work is done ahead of time and behind the scenes. So it can be easier to install, deploy, update, and manage infrastructure, as well as to optimize its performance, minimize its cost, and maximize its business value. IT organizations can rescue skilled staff from “keeping the lights on” and focus them on realizing new technology-enabled business opportunities.

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Don’t get left behind. Technology is disrupting established industries at an increasingly rapid rate and the average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company halves every 30 years. Only 13% of companies that made the list in 1955 still exist today. Future-proof your company – download the eBook to learn how EMC XtremIO can make the agile data center your new reality.
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