PC Lifecycle Management Interactive eGuide

Dell’s approach to PC Lifecycle management is designed to help customers make the change from IT maintenance to innovation all while controlling their PC infrastructure costs. With this eGuide IT professionals will learn how to deploy, secure, and support PCs with unparalleled efficiency leveraging Dell’s industry-leading hardware, services, and security solutions. Access the eGuide from Dell and Intel® and you will learn:

  • Why IT needs to take a different approach PC lifecycle management
  • The four critical stages of the PC lifecycle (Plan, Deploy, Manage, and Retire)
  • How to partner with Dell to strategically migrate to Windows 10
  • What solutions can help in each phase to reduce costs and increase IT productivity
  • The latest security solutions to protect data and employees

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5 Essential Approaches to Securing Your WordPress Site

WordPress is the web’s most popular Content Management System, powering a full quarter of indexed sites. It’s been embraced by millions of casual bloggers for its ease of use and user-friendly interface, and its maturity, stability, and extensibility. Popularity, though, comes at a cost — WordPress’s universal appeal makes it an incredibly high-profile target. Download our guide to find the most essential steps in securing your WordPress site!

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4 strategies to help move beyond lean and build a competitive advantage

Read more about the 4 strategies to move beyond lean:

  • Dynamically generate bills of materials and routings
  • Automate the production of shop floor drawings
  • Feed quote data to forecasting for a better master schedule
  • Change the products and features you offer for sale dynamically.

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Step by step data analytics for sales

Every sales team needs analytics. You’re probably already tracking pipeline and performance metrics, and that’s a great start. However, if you don’t have an analytics solution in place, you lack the ability to go deeper—to gain actionable insights into your business and make the changes you need to improve results all along the sales process. Read to learn more about the data discovery process and how to gain the insights metrics won't provide.
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Gaining a strong competitive advantage in distribution with configure-price-quote software

Configure-price-quote (CPQ) software is one of the main technologies helping distributors become more competitive. An integrated, rules-based CPQ solution can provide you with an interactive visual catalog that speeds complex orders, while capturing and codifying the insights and approaches of your organization’s top salespeople.

This software can also simplify the kitting and bundling of multi-product solutions and systems, while shortening lead times, enhancing revenues, and reducing costs.

Read to find out more about the 3 ways CPQ software creates a competitive advantage:

  • Simplify customer choices
  • Create a standardized body of knowledge
  • Diversify the business with new services
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Too Many Cloud Apps? Stop Wasting Time Hunting for Information

There’s no arguing that your business would run faster with the necessary cloud technologies. They each have a purpose and they each add value to your business. The challenge is in finding information (documents, files, conversations, or data) that’s scattered across these cloud-based systems. It turns a simple search for information into a time-consuming endeavor.

Stop wasting time hunting for information! Download this NEW eBook and learn how a single search experience platform can help increase productivity, gain visibility, and eliminate content duplication.

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How to boost sales team productivity

Customer relationship management (CRM) boosts both productivity and effectiveness, yet 22% of professionals don’t know what CRM is used for—and 40% still store customer data in a spreadsheet or email. Read this guide to learn the five ways that CRM can increase the productivity of your sales team.
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Better Together: Managing Your Apple Devices as an Ecosystem

The reality is desktop operating systems — Windows, macOS and Chrome OS — have little in common. All have a unique workflow to provision, encrypt, deploy, secure, update and support devices. The same “uniqueness” also applies to the mobile platforms: iOS, Windows Mobile and Android.

So, you as an organization have to choose:

  • Manage your devices by platform type (i.e., desktop or mobile).
  • Attempt to manage your devices with a unified tool.
  • Manage your devices by ecosystem (Apple, Microsoft, Google).

Download this e-book for a break down of the choices facing you and your IT staff, and see how each impacts you and your users.

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Appsession: Is our Appetite for Mobile Apps Putting us at Risk? Infographic

With the explosion of mobile app usage, more personal information than ever is flowing through mobile applications. But has our security awareness kept pace? Have consumers adopted best practice behaviors or are they leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber attack?

Download the infographic for a breakdown of the new mobile safety landscape, including how often:

  • Users tclick on ads promoting apps
  • Users click on links in emails, mobile web, and social media promoting apps
  • Users rarely or never check the app details before downloading
  • Users rarely or never inspect the T&C’s or permissions being requested during app installation
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Build your data science dream team

Industry analyst Claudia Imhoff has identified three critical skill sets that will help CIOs build a formidable data science infrastructure.

Ready to create a playground where your data science teams can explore, innovate and flourish? Download the analyst report “Data Science: Providing Knowledge and Insights to Your Organization” and learn how.

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Navigating Mobile Devices: Strategies for IT and Business Users

This SlashGuide, sponsored by Dell and Intel®, looks at how enterprises across various industries can get the maximum return from their mobile device investment. Topics of discussion will include:

• Why mobile device CPUs matter, and what to look for when choosing a new device, such as selecting an Intel® Atom™ or Intel® Core™ processor based on user workload
• Windows 10 adaptability - deploying and supporting new applications
• How mobile management (EMM) has evolved and how to best secure new devices
• Accelerating delivery of the mobile apps that business users demand, while ensuring corporate security measures

IDC and Gartner are projecting nearly 20% growth in business tablet purchases for 2016. Will you be ready? Read on to find out.

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