Managing your Kubernetes clusters for dummies – DBCBA5

This ebook provides an introductory overview to Kubernetes clusters, trends in modern cloud computing, the challenges of managing Kubernetes clusters, and best practices for addressing those challenges. An integrated solution such as Red Hat® Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes can help your organization centralize management from end to end while retaining a security- and compliance-focus.

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A hybrid and multicloud strategy for system administrators – DBCBA5

Delivering a consistent, secure, and easy-to-use environment across both the datacenter and the cloud can be daunting for system administrators. But Red Hat’s hybrid cloud platform offers a consistent user experience for system administrators, including a common set of infrastructure and platforms, scalable automation with a visual dashboard, and fully managed service options that allow a focus on agile app development rather than infrastructure management. Read this brief to learn more.

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Why ECM Modernization is Critical Now, Not Later

This white paper is intended for senior enterprise architects and CIOs concerned that their business needs have outgrown their legacy information systems’ ability to deliver tangible business value.

The paper highlights the costs and risks of remaining on those systems, reasons to consider more modern alternatives, and key considerations to keep in mind.

It answers two critical questions:

  • Are legacy information systems viable for the long run given changing consumer preferences?

  • Has competitive pressure pushed legacy information systems beyond their breaking point?

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Burnout in the IT Security Industry

This white paper examines how small and mid-sized businesses view IT security and the trend towards utilizing outside sources for IT services.

Topics in the white paper cover:

  • Price sensitivity and competition in the IT security industry

  • How operations are moving the cloud and what that means for IT service providers

  • Opportunities for security providers and manufacturers

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The Importance of Having a CISO Strategy for Small Business IT Teams

Avast CISO, Jaya Baloo, Discusses Cybersecurity Solutions for Today’s Businesses

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to businesses. Some may have a full IT team on staff. Others may not, and many are limited by resources and budget. With cyberattacks targeting small to mid-sized businesses at an all-time high, it’s critical for IT consultants and service providers to be having those conversations with SMBs about enterprise grade security protection, tailored exactly to their needs.

In an interview with Richard Tubb, the IT Business Growth Expert, Jaya Baloo covers:

  • The best ways to present cybersecurity to SMBs and explain its importance

  • The biggest cyber threats faced by SMBs today and the best defense strategy

  • How SMBs with limited budgets and/or IT resources can still stay protected

  • The importance of a response plan in case an SMB is impacted by a cyber attack

  • The future of the cybersecurity landscape and the role of emerging technologies

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Software Patches: The Seatbelt of Cybersecurity

Similar to a seatbelt, keeping software updated through patch management is a crucial security feature. However, the complications of patching in the past have led many IT managers and business owners to opt out of patching altogether. In this white paper, we’ll cover:

  • Why many experts recognize patch management's importance yet still opt out

  • How modern patch management solutions address common patching issues

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Modernize Your Cybersecurity Now: 10 Reasons Why and 10 Ways To Take Action

Is your business or IT team doing all it can to secure devices? With users connecting from anywhere and network perimeters dissolving, this year has quickly turned in to one of the most transformational years for cybersecurity. Now is the time to ensure your security is modernized and ready to take on the latest attack methods.

This white paper will walk you through:

  • Why it's crucial to modernize your cybersecurity, especially in 2020

  • Tangible ways to implement security that will establish protection today and in the future

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2020 Microsoft ATP Report

In the most thorough analysis of its kind, Avanan security analysts classified over 500,000 malicious emails, sent to real end-user mailboxes protected by Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This research identified the types of attacks that were blocked by ATP or EOP, and the types of attacks that were missed by both.

Overall results:

When looking over all malicious emails, the analysis concluded that;

  • EOP catches widespread, previously-known methods: about 41% of all attacks.

  • ATP catches many zero-day attacks that bypass EOP: 48% of malicious emails.

  • 11% of malicious emails reach the inbox, bypassing both EOP and ATP.

When measuring ATP as an independent layer of security, it misses 18% of the malicious emails that bypass EOP. In some environments, the miss rate can be much higher.

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The Microsoft Teams Security Report

As firms and workers across the globe went remote, it was Microsoft Teams that saw the bulk of growth for chat and collaboration.

The growth has been exponential and stunning. Teams usage in December 2020 is estimated to be 115 million daily users, growing from 32 million in early March 2020. After what appeared to be an early pandemic rivalry with Slack, Teams quickly became the de-facto communication and collaboration app for anyone using Office 365. Now, 91 of the U.S.’s 100 largest companies use Teams. Twenty organizations with more than 100,000 users use it, with major organizations like Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Accenture, to name a few.

The success of Microsoft Teams has also made it ripe for hackers. In fact, as this year of explosive growth comes to an end, we’ve begun to see and learn how hackers are targeting this platform for data, personal and corporate information, and as a jumping-off point for other attacks.

For this whitepaper, Avanan analyzed nearly 200 enterprise customers for two months. In doing so, we were able to uncover current hacking activities and trends in Teams, as well as assess the overall cybersecurity risk involved in using the service.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Security Guardium Oct 2020

IBM commissioned Forrester Research consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that organizations may realize by deploying IBM Security Guardium. The study uncovered that organizations achieve cost and risk reductions while increasing productivity and tactical efficiencies from implementing IBM Security Guardium. Read the study to learn more.

Read the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to learn how to:

  • Achieve cost and risk reductions
  • Increase productivity and tactical efficiencies
  • Evaluate the potential return on investment

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Overcoming data security challenges in a hybrid multicloud world

Organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud, leveraging infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform as-a-service (PaaS), and Database as-a-service as new ways to optimize their business, even though these environments present new risks to sensitive data.

Data security solutions must be able to operate across multiple environments (physical, cloud and hybrid).

Read this ebook to learn more about how to secure sensitive data across a variety of environments, and how the IBM Data Security portfolio can help.

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KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass Database and Big Data Security

This Leadership Compass from analyst firm KuppingerCole provides an overview of the market for database and big data security solutions along with guidance and recommendations for finding the sensitive data protection products that best meet client’s requirements.

The report examines a broad range of technologies, vendor product and service functionality, relative market shares, and innovative approaches to implementing consistent and comprehensive data protection across the enterprise.

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Five Common Data Security Pitfalls

Is your data security practice all that it should be? This ebook looks at five of the most prevalent and avoidable data security missteps organizations are making today, and how these "common pitfalls" can result in potentially disastrous attacks.

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Data Privacy Is The New Strategic Priority

As firms face a growing list of data protection regulations and customers become more knowledgeable about their privacy rights, developing a data privacy competence has never been more important. Sustained compliance delivers a number of benefits, but firms with reactive and siloed privacy tactics will fail to capitalize on them.

Forrester Consulting evaluates the state of enterprises’ data privacy compliance in a shifting regulatory landscape by surveying global enterprise decision makers with responsibility over privacy or data protection. This report analyzes how they are evolving to meet the heightened data protection and privacy expectations of legislators and consumers, along with the benefits they can expect from a holistic data privacy approach.

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