Advanced 3D Content for Furniture Retailers

Unlock self-service e-commerce for highly configurable products with our diverse suite of 3D software applications purpose-built for furniture retailers and manufacturers. With proven return on investment, 3D Cloud solutions for furniture serve the online and in-store 3D product visualization needs of consumers, sales associates, and interior designers alike.

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The Definitive Guide to Planning a 3D Project

Managing a 3D project is exciting but can be tricky. We’ve been through it dozens of times, and this 3D ebook includes all of our learnings from the past decade.

If your company is considering a new 3D strategy, use these tips to build a successful 3D project from start to finish.

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Wallet Solutions

Onboard your users with our easy-to-implement wallet solutions. Choose our Wallet API to take full control of the UX, or the Wallet Widget - where we take care of security and compliance.

Venly Wallet allows your users to interact with Web3 familiarly, while we take care of the security & complexity. Integrate our widget in minutes or go for our API solution to get total freedom on UX and asset management.

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NFT Solutions

Build & scale your project with our comprehensive set of Web3 tools. We provide wallet services, marketplace solutions, NFT tools, and more.

To realize our vision of bringing blockchain to the mainstream, we offer NFT tools for anyone to access Web3. Looking to make and sell NFTs? This is a great place to start.

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Gaming Solutions

Effortlessly onboard players into the world of Web3 and build a thriving community around your game. Boost engagement and create new monetization opportunities by incorporating NFTs into gameplay.

Our Web3 Gaming Toolkit is simple for you and your users. You'll launch your game ahead of schedule, while options like social login will eliminate friction for your players.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Engage your customers with exclusive NFT collections, gated virtual experiences, and tokenized “phygital” assets. The opportunities are endless and you can do it all with one app.

NFTs are changing e-commerce as we know it. Don’t get left behind. Community building, digital twins, gated content, customer profiling - see what you can do with tokens.

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Yodify’s Sophisticated Configurator Technology

Configurators for retail products have been around for years - letting customers choose from a selection of sizes, colors, or designs within a single product series.

Industrial and commercial products require significantly more sophistication than many existing e-commerce platforms afford. Yodify’s proprietary technology let’s you deploy configurators that empower your sales teams and clients to get on the same page quickly and submit faster, more detailed, error-free quotes & orders.

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Why Businesses Love Yodify

Yodify is loaded with functionality that transforms your website into a multi-faceted, dynamic sales & marketing asset to your business on a budget and timeline that needs to be experienced to believe.

Designed as a complete platform built around core e-commerce & catalog functionality, Yodify includes integrated features that enhance nearly every part of your business. Free yourself from the burden of building a site with disconnected, unreliable components all built & managed externally. With no plug-ins to manage on Yodify you know your site will be up and fully functional at all times.

Consistent new features and platform updates will keep your site fresh. Forget the development cycle and know that your site will never be obsolete and will always run on a modern framework, hosted reliably and boast mobile-first design that keeps you cutting-edge.

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The Yodify Advantage

Yodify is born from a passion for digital catalogs & e-commerce and a recognition of a huge gap in purpose-built solutions for industrial, commercial and other B2B businesses with sophisticated sales models to thrive online. Our founder comes from 30+ years in process instrumentation disitribution. Through years of experience, research and development Yodify specializes in providing cost & time-effective solutions to enhance or replace our clients web presence.

We ensure our client’s success by helping to increase brand awareness, optimize your sales processes, reduce operating costs, bolster communication interally & externally, and more. We deliver success through a combination of industry knowledge, catalog & e-commerce expertise, methodology, and advisory services.

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Catalogs & e-Commerce Built for Industry

Elevate your business with a powerful online catalog.

Deliver comprehensive quoting and e-commerce functionality, improve access to your products & provide the best-in-class purchasing experience to your customers.

Yodify is designed to let you launch quickly & affordably, complimenting your existing staff by eliminating basic & repetitive job tasks in sales and accounting, empowering them to focus on generating revenue & building your business.

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AI Powered Text to Voice Generator

Introducing the new online tool that will revolutionize the way you create voice overs for your projects. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of recording and editing, and hello to effortless and efficient AI-generated voice overs. With Generative Voice AI, you can easily create professional-quality voice overs in a matter of minutes, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your work.

Our platform utilizes the latest in AI technology to create realistic and natural sounding voice overs. With just a few clicks, you can have a professional sounding voice over for your project. We offer an extensive library of Ultra-Realistic voices in many styles and accents, but if you need a specific vocal performance, you can also clone a voice with anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 hours of speech audio.

With a robust rich-text editor, simply enter your script and generate the voice lines. Building something that needs voice available on demand? Voice generation is also available through API access. This means that you can easily stream the audio content directly into your app for low latency voice generation.

If you want to see in action, check out our demo video below.

With, you can scale your audio project completion rate to new levels, efficiently. Sign up for a live demo here.

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Higher Education Admissions Report – Prospective Student Survey

What support do students expect from their school, and how can schools deliver this?

We surveyed higher education students in North America to learn what matters to them when they are choosing which school to join, how they expect to be engaged, and how schools can increase enrolment with this data at hand.

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Live Chat Benchmark Report 2023

Every year, we publish our Live Chat Benchmark Report to help organizations understand how well their live chat team is performing compared to their peers by team size and by industry. With this year’s benchmark data at hand, you can learn exactly where your team is excelling and where it needs improvement.

Analyzing data from millions of live chats that passed through the Comm100 platform in 2022, this year’s report features the following benchmarks:

  • Chats per agent per month.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Wait time.
  • Response time.
  • Chat duration.
  • Mobile chats.
  • Industry breakdown.

Alongside these metrics, the report digs into the reasons behind the numbers to help you improve your own team’s metrics and overtake your peers.

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Live Chat Security: Everything You Need to Know for Secure Live Chat

Over the years, SaaS developers have worked with businesses to increase the efficacy and security of this vital customer service channel: most of today’s live chat providers offer some level of password protection and data encryption to help companies manage sensitive data.

However, the level of security offered by different vendors does vary widely. This makes it all the more important to know how your live chat provider is managing your and your customers’ data, and what measures it has in place to detect and neutralize security breaches.

This blog post breaks down the potential threats to live chat security, and outlines how Comm100 Live Chat stays secure through industry-leading security features and compliances.

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Higher Education Cheat Sheet: The 4 Challenges Facing IT & How to Overcome Them

There are four key challenges that are almost universally affecting university and college IT departments today:

  • Growing digital infrastructure.
  • High support volumes.
  • Data security.
  • Staffing.

In this guide, we will explore these 4 challenges and provide practical solutions to tackle each of them so IT departments can provide the support and security expected of them from students and faculty.

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