Mobility, Location and iOS8: New Context for New Apps

Mobile devices are becoming so ubiquitous that Forrester predicts there will be about 3 mobile devices per living human by the end of this decade. Phones, tablets, wearables and who-knows-what will-come, all with IP addresses and internet connectivity are finding homes in pockets, on wrists and in the frames of eyewear. Now, location services are changing the way developers and marketers think about how to utilize the knowledge of where a user – consumer or business – is located and turn that into an action that can drive revenue, improve productivity or give a competitive advantage. This white paper looks at research about the latest iOS8 announcements, and how they might impact development in general and provide fuel for the coming wearable and contextual revolutions in app development and deployment.
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Bloomberg Research: Faster, Better, Safer

The future success of any company is predicated on perfecting the merger of mobility and security - and being nimble about it. This study focuses on the security issues surrounding mobile applications, and surveyed 150 senior business & senior IT decision-makers. Download to hear what they had to say.
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The ABC’s of Mobile Device Management

Securely managing mobile devices, apps and docs doesn't have to be hard; in fact, with MaaS360, it's as simple as ABC…

We cover all the essentials from A-Z. Download your copy of the ABC's of Mobile Device Management today and see just how simple it is to deploy, secure and manage the latest smartphones and tablets.

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Best Practices for Mobile Application Lifecycle Management

Mobile devices are now a reality in most organizations. Building on Mobile device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM), organizations are increasingly developing their own enterprise apps for specific job tasks to improve productivity, business partnerships, customer satisfaction and bottom-line performance. But to achieve these benefits, it is imperative that mobile security best practices are incorporated throughout the lifecycle of the application.
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Mobile-enabled Smarter Process: Patterns for achieving mobile success for organizations

The impact of mobile technologies on the world is reminiscent of the changes brought about by the industrial revolution and the e-business revolution. Mobile provides professionals at organizations the ability to interact with more people, more often than ever before. But while individuals have embraced mobile; many businesses find it difficult to incorporate mobile solutions into their organization to drive value. Leaders at organizations are quickly learning that creating a few new slick applications does not guarantee success in the digital economy. Mobile business is about reorganizing your enterprise around mobile technologies and reinventing your business processes to fundamentally change how your organization operates.
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Mobile is the New Normal for Conducting Business

Mobile devices have offered organizations unparalleled access to information and a new level of flexibility in doing business. However, with this newfound freedom comes inherent risks and the danger of security breaches. This whitepaper discusses the growth of mobile devices in the workplace, inherent security issues in common file sharing services, and what organizations can do to enforce BYOD security policies without limiting the productivity of its employees.

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11 Best Practices for Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Businesses and employees are now using mobile devices in ways not envisioned as recently as a year ago. Personal device ownership and usage in the enterprise is growing rapidly, and more businesses than ever before are facing the challenge of how to fully provision, mange and secure mobile devices in their corporate environments. Desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets are coming together and need a single platform to manager every device, both personal and corporate owned.
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