Do you Have an Enterprise-wide Cloud Strategy?

Cloud computing is experiencing strong, sustained growth across enterprises large and small. Proven benefits like flexibility, cost reduction, and rapid provisioning of new applications and services are among the drivers. But as cloud models continue to mature, IT leaders face a number of decision points as they seek to maximize those benefits. Questions like, "Where do I start?" "What's the right approach for my organization: private, public, or hybrid?" and "What about security, privacy, and compliance?"
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Maximizing Private Cloud Benefits with an Efficient Storage Foundation

How can you make sure that your private cloud is agile, responsive, and efficient? NetApp offers private cloud technology that aligns with the following recommendations from Enterprise Strategy Group:

-Optimize storage to fully realize the benefits of server virtualization and private cloud

-Treat storage efficiency as a strategic opportunity to hone and improve the overall cloud environment

-Use techniques such as deduplication and compression to expand the available capacity of a private cloud

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Providing the Best-of-Breed Private Cloud with NetApp and Windows Server 2012

Many organizations have adopted virtualization as a standard for server workloads. But virtualization has not proven to be the "game changer" many organizations had envisioned. IT departments face huge challenges related to server sprawl, which has actually increased with virtualization.

Although virtualization has brought benefits beyond the physical paradigm of one operating system per server, the true optimal infrastructure for organizations comes with adopting a private cloud infrastructure. Check out this white paper to learn the benefits you can reap by deploying just one private cloud solution.

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Preventing security risks in real time

The growth of cloud, mobility, social business and big data mean that botnets, credit card theft, cyber criminals and other external threats pose increasing risk to business continuity, financial stability and brand reputation. Read the white paper, "Preventing security risks in real time", to learn how this new reality is forcing the evolution of organizations' defenses to become more intelligent-using global analytics to scale visibility across broad data sets, both diverse and complementary, in real time.
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Virtualizing disaster recovery using cloud computing

Nobody likes to think about disaster recovery. But even with a flat IT budget, you need to have seamless failover and failback of critical business applications. Read this white paper to learn how cloud-based business resilience can provide cost effective alternatives to traditional disaster recovery.
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The case for cloud based disaster recovery

In an around-the clock business world, you need nearly instantaneous failover and failback of your critical applications. Otherwise, you risk business losses and brand damage in the event of disruption or disaster. But how can you improve your existing disaster recovery operations? Read this brochure to learn how the power of cloud technologies can help you increase recovery speed, reliability and scalability.
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