Getting Automated

Smokeball designed this guide to help you understand and overcome your automation gap so you can offload all the work you don't want to do on a cloud-based platform. We'll walk through all the tasks your firm can automate, how to implement automation and measure your success.

Automation doesn't happen overnight, but you can transform your entire practice with the right tools, strategy, and action plan. Let's get started.

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Seven keys to ace executive presentations

As a leader, your executive presentation skills are fundamental to your success.

Whether you are presenting critical updates to the C-suite or persuading key stakeholders to sponsor a new initiative—effective executive communication can make all the difference.

In this ebook, you’ll learn the seven keys to acing executive presentations, including how to quickly frame the topic to gain the attention of senior executives.

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2022 Legal Practice Management Software Buying Guide

It's never been a secret that law has historically been slow to evolve and adapt alongside other professions. When Smokeball released the last version of this guide, “Is Legal Practice Management Software Worth It?” we acknowledged that many firms still avoided change due to fear or stubbornness. Such firms could still maintain their status quo without the help of software.

In 2022, the question of worth no longer applies: Legal practice management software is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. The shift to remote/hybrid law offices is permanent, and attorneys must permanently shift their mindsets and processes to keep up — and keep ahead.

Smokeball understands that legal practice management software is a major investment of your firm’s money and time. Because we want to give you the most value and productivity for your investment, we updated this guide to reflect the reality of 2022. The legal landscape has shifted significantly since you started your practice. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity together.

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Guide to Implementing or Changing Legal Software

Deciding to change the technology your firm uses to manage cases, clients and billing requires commitment to see the process. Quite frankly, it’s not always easy. If your team is accustomed to working with a certain type of legal practice management software, change is difficult, even when everyone acknowledges that doing so is necessary.

If you're stuck and unable to move forward with transforming how your law firm uses technology, this guide will help you navigate the process. Along the journey, remember to give yourself and your team credit. Make no mistake, staying up to date with technology is no longer optional; it is a requirement.

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About Time: A Guide to Optimizing Utilization

Time is money, and with this guide you're about to learn how to get a bunch of it back. Learn how to deploy technicians efficiently, capture the true costs of your services, and improve profitability with this helpful resource. It’s filled with eye-opening techniques and strategies gathered from more than 30 years of experience working directly with technology providers and includes the tools and information you need to calculate tech utilization, breakeven, and profitability.

When staffing is tight and time is money, utilization matters. Download this guide today to learn more.

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Managed Services Guide to New Vertical Growth

Want to adapt your business in a shifting economy by leveraging sales to customers you already have? This guide will help you explore the plethora of financial opportunities available to businesses that offer managed network services, cybersecurity, cloud computing and more. It’s packed with real-world examples and statistics that demonstrate how adding business lines for your existing customers can help your business grow.

This guide will answer everything you need to know to help build your business today!

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5 Inventory Management Best Practices

Take control of your inventory with this free eBook that provides insights for SMBs hoping to improve margins, enhance customer service, and implement an IT asset management process. These best practices can help your business save more than 30% a year with smarter inventory management.

Don’t let these challenges keep you up at night. Here’s 5 best practices even your mom would be proud you followed.

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The Future Is Here: Multicloud for the Distributed World

Recent global events like the Global Financial Collapse and COVID-19 pandemic have transformed how we build technology. The future is now here and it has brought multicloud with it. Read the white paper to learn how to master the “new normal” of today’s multi-service, multicloud, and multi-geography approach to technology.

Read and discover:

  • Key factors that have driven the adoption of multicloud.
  • How multicloud enables unprecedented choice and flexibility.
  • The unique challenges that have arisen as multicloud has become the norm.
  • How Redis Enterprise can help overcome challenges around new multicloud distributed applications.

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Redis Enterprise vs. ElastiCache Datasheet

Amazon ElastiCache may meet basic caching needs, but as companies grow and caching becomes mission-critical, an enterprise-grade cache is a necessity.

Redis Enterprise, the leading Redis managed service, goes above and beyond services like ElastiCache to power world-class, real-time digital experiences at any scale.

Read this new datasheet and learn:

  • Common use-cases for each service.
  • The unique benefits of Redis Enterprise vs. ElastiCache.
  • When you should/shouldn’t use ElastiCache.

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The Total Economic Impact Of Redis Enterprise

The digital economy demands ultra-fast, real-time data processing to meet customer needs, and Redis Enterprise meets those demands with better performance and higher uptime at a lower cost than customers’ legacy SQL and NoSQL databases.

Read the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Redis to see how a composite Redis customer achieved:

  • $1.8M in savings on new projects, competitor transitions, and relational database conversions.
  • $1.6M in new revenue from accelerated time to market enabled by Redis’ speed and stability.
  • $952K in avoided downtime and SLA penalties from improved performance.
  • $949K in improved efficiency for IT and DevOps teams.

All told, the composite customer realized 350% ROI and $4.12M in net present value over three years—with payback of less than 6 months.

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Latency is the New Outage

More organizations are tying their future success to digital and online business. As brands expand their digital customer experiences, they rely on applications hosted on different infrastructures, in different geographies, and with different providers.

IT, operations teams, and developers that previously obsessed over availability and uptime of applications are now faced with a new challenge: latency. Download the white paper and discover how to tackle the challenge of speed.

Top Reasons to Download:

  • Know what slow applications can cost your business, and why response time is more critical than ever.
  • Learn how leading brands are delivering speed in a complex world of applications for digital consumers.
  • Get the intelligence you need to deliver your customers the lowest latency possible.

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MyTeam11 Case Study

MyTeam11 is the new global leader in the market of fantasy sports sites, ensuring that each user gets benefits and rewards at the end of any contest.

MyTeam11 is a leading option when it comes to sports like cricket, football (soccer), kabaddi, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, and baseball. Read this case study to find out why MyTeam11 choose Redis Enterprise Cloud, instead of Amazon Elasticache, for it’s extremely unpredictable data loads.

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6 Key Elements of Enterprise Caching

As your business grows, so do the demands and complexity of your caching layer. This means that you will eventually outgrow basic caching and require an enterprise solution that delivers performance, resilience, and cost-efficiency at scale.

But what is enterprise caching? Download the checklist to discover:

  • What enterprise caching is and why you need it.
  • What the 6 key elements of enterprise caching are.
  • How enterprise caching maximizes application performance.

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Caching at Scale with Redis

This is the only primer you need to understand what application caching is, why and when it’s needed, and how to get the best performance from your applications using advanced enterprise application caching techniques.

You’ll also learn about:

  • The role of caching in modern application stack.
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling techniques.
  • Caching in the cloud.
  • Caching at enterprise scale.

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Caching for Microservices Solution Brief

Redis Enterprise was designed and built with the same core principles that guide microservices architectures: agility, resilience, scalability, and flexibility. This alignment makes Redis Enterprise an ideal caching solution for microservices applications.

But not only does Redis Enterprise align with the strengths of microservices – it can also be used as a cache to overcome two key microservices challenges: complexity and latency.

Read the solution brief to discover:

  • How caching with Redis Enterprise enables fast, simplified microservices applications.
  • The top three caching patterns for microservices (and when to use them).
  • Customer stories and architectures with Redis Enterprise as a microservices cache.

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