Moving to SaaS – Better Data Protection at 50% of the TCO

The IT world is transforming from on-premises hardware and software to cloud computing and infrastructure. SaaS solutions such as Salesforce led the way, but cloud infrastructure and platforms (IaaS / PaaS) have been gaining strong adoption as well. Why? Because they eliminate or reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

Data protection is a prime service to move to a cloud-native architecture, and the TCO savings of moving to the cloud are astounding. In addition, a cloud-native solution like Druva enables you to harness the value of your data through streamlined governance, improved compliance, increased visibility and better decision making.

Join us to discuss:

  • Why data protection is your next SaaS transformation.
  • Core benefits of SaaS data protection: simplicity, savings, scalability and security.
  • How cloud-based data protection provides customers with up to 50% lower TCO.
  • Insights into how you can do more with your backup data - no restore analytics and more.

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Windows as a Service for Smarties

Windows as a Service (WaaS) is a game-changer in all the right ways, but the rapid pace of quality updates and the twice-yearly feature updates can overwhelm and stress even the best IT pros.

Hosted by Adaptiva, hear from Microsoft MVPs Maurice Daly and Paul Winstanley:

  • What determines whether you should upgrade use servicing or in-place updates.
  • Why pre-cached content and registry stamping is so important.
  • What is the setupconfig.ini file and how can it help you.
  • How managing multiple languages needs some TLC in your update process.
  • Whether you should care if your apps and drivers need updating and best practices for doing it.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to stay a step ahead of Windows as a Service.

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Transforming Your Business with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace

Slash Device Management Overhead and Improve User Experience with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace.

Tedious, time-consuming tasks involved in deploying, managing, and protecting endpoint devices can be a burden for IT organizations and a great source of frustration for end users.

Tune into this informative webinar, brought to you by Dell and Intel® to learn about Dell Technologies Unified Workspace and how you can offload many of the worst offending tasks without compromising quality of delivery.

What you'll learn:

  • Best practices for using this technology.
  • Insight for increasing your ROI.
  • How to overcome common challenges.
  • Guidelines from industry experts.

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Value Stream Management and the Next Decade of DevOps

As DevOps enters its second decade, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy.

Organizations can easily fall into the trap of settling for “good enough” because measuring productivity and flow across varying teams and systems is challenging. That’s where value stream management comes in.

Join HCL UrbanCode leaders, Brian Muskoff and Steve Boone, for a conversation about scaling your DevOps strategy by focusing on data and culture through value stream management. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What is value stream management and how it works in a DevOps culture.
  • How to harvest opportunity from your DevOps pain points.
  • The resources you need to successfully implement a value stream management approach.

This webinar is especially beneficial for technology executives, transformation leaders and DevOps managers who are responsible for their DevOps strategic direction.

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The Integration Modernization Journey presented by iDevNews

Agenda for the webinar:

Digital transformation success arises from solving integration challenges.

Simplify & unify your mix of legacy, SaaS, clouds, APIs and microservices.

Benefits of IBM's platform for simple, comprehensive 'integration modernization".

Download this free webinar to learn more.

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Closing The Gap In SaaS Security

Companies lack the ability to monitor and manage the interactions going on across SaaS applications. Join experts from Okta and BetterCloud for a deep dive on the #1 item on the roadmap for today’s IT and security teams. This webinar covers:

  • Beyond IDaaS: the key differences between user connections and user interactions.
  • Understanding insider threats: how susceptible are you?
  • Forming a systematic approach to managing and securing user interactions across a sprawling SaaS landscape.

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7 E-Commerce Best Practices

Based on the results of our B2B Buying Process 2019 Report, we’ve put together 7 e-commerce best practices to help you meet your B2B customers’ demands and overcome their challenges online.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your site for search engines (SEO).
  • Improve your on-site search function.
  • Ensure your team has digital expertise.
  • Simplify your web store navigation.
  • Enhance your online product descriptions.
  • Leverage marketing automation.
  • Gather your own buyer feedback.

Watch the recording to find out more about each e-commerce best practice and how to apply them — including practical tips and real-life examples — plus info on how you too will benefit!

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Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Access Control for StoreFront

Access Control for StoreFront integrates SaaS and web apps into an on-premises StoreFront deployment. When integrated, users can access the SaaS and web apps from StoreFront and have the following capabilities:

  • SSO to SaaS apps.
  • Enhanced SaaS app security.
  • URL filtering within SaaS apps.

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Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Micro VPN

Traditional VPNs grant the entire device access to backend resources. With the micro VPN, which is part of Citrix EndPoint Management, a single , per app VPN gives access to a specific app backend resource.

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Understanding the Value Stream With Velocity

Today, most development teams use Agile planners or Kanban boards to track work. Once the code is integrated though, continuous delivery tools take over. Tracking work as it flows through all the tools of a DevOps toolchain can be a pain. UrbanCode Velocity solves that with a value stream visualization that stitches together the story across your toolchain. Join us for an overview and demo of Velocity. In this session, you'll learn:

  • How developers can track their work as it flows to production.
  • How testers can see what is in the pipeline.
  • How team or retrospective leaders can spot process bottlenecks holding their team back.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: Choose your cloud environment

Azure, AWS, Google Cloud—all these cloud services are creating so many new ways to manage your healthcare operations and take care of your patients. But let’s face it: we’re not all on the same place in the cloud journey—and that’s okay. Citrix gives you the choice of using all these services, securely, in the right combination that works for you.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: Always on, always secure

Citrix gives you the freedom to use whatever device you choose. And that's even the case in some of the most security conscious environments, like on the front lines of healthcare. Let’s say that a caregiver chooses a Chromebook to use on their daily rounds. No problem. Citrix makes sure that any device, whether it’s Windows, Mac, a tablet, smart phone, and yes, even this Chromebook can stay within the bounds of security.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: The distributed healthcare landscape

The world has changed so much for caregivers in medicine today. Doctors, nurses used to go to just one place to take care of patients. But now they're highly mobile. Often moving between different clinics, hospitals, even the patient’s home. And that’s where Citrix comes in. With Citrix Workspace, everything’s delivered to me through the Citrix Workspace App, on any device, with a secure log-in.

Citrix SD-WAN, combined with Citrix Workspace makes it easy to provide patient care, from any location with great performance and the assurance that critical IT resources are always on and available.

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