Three Sure Ways to Get Your Factory Fit for the Future

Behind the scenes of the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies, a profound digital transformation is now underway.

As with any profound transformation, the opportunities for competitive advantage and growth are enormous, but so are the challenges . How do you determine what your next digital transformation steps should be? How do you position your manufacturing business to take the next step—and the one after that?

This eBook will help you answer these questions.

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Start Every Meeting On Time

When your business runs on meetings, every minute counts. Unfortunately modern day complexities like AV connections, long dial-ins, document sharing and remote teams can often keep you waiting–and waiting some more–for your meetings to begin.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. With some planning smarts and the right systems, you, too, can have blissfully punctual meetings that not only start on time, but finish on the dot as well. Here are 9 causes and fixes for Late Meeting Syndrome.

Dialpad is the cloud based, AI-powered phone system that supports voice, video, and messages all from your existing devices.

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Boosting Workplace Productivity with AI

To close deals and get more done, you might feel compelled to make a drastic change, like hiring an entirely new team or overhauling every single operations system.

But this all-or-nothing approach isn’t necessarily the answer. Instead, try implementing one change that has far-reaching effects.

Enter: AI.

These two little letters can seem intimidating, but integrating this technology into your workplace has the power to transform every aspect of your business—no exaggeration.

In short, AI helps you work smarter, not harder, so you can focus on what matters most: building a better business.

Dialpad is the cloud based, AI-powered phone system that supports voice, video, and messages all from your existing devices.

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7 Reasons to Ditch the Duct Tape and Embrace the Cloud

When your business is rapidly growing, it’s easy to fall into the habit of adopting quick-fix solutions to problems as they crop up. One area that tends to take a big hit is business communications.

Individual solutions may address short-term problems now, but they tend to create larger challenges in the future. This whitepaper can show you how to address today’s communications challenges while being prepared for tomorrow’s.

Dialpad is the cloud based, AI-powered phone system that supports voice, video, and messages all from your existing devices.

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The Top 5 Cures for CIO Insomnia

Since when did being a CIO mean sleep deprivation?

Being a CIO today means exhibiting a level of adaptation that would impress Darwin. It’s a position that’s increasingly dynamic, complex, and—dare we say it—more interesting than it’s ever been.

But the role isn’t without its list of sometimes daunting responsibilities that can keep just about anyone up at night. Here are five ways you can rise to the challenge and get the 8 hours you deserve.

Dialpad is the cloud based, AI-powered phone system that supports voice, video, and messages all from your existing devices.

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Playbook for the Modern IT Leader

Why so much complexity?

Being a modern IT leader no longer means working in isolation on a handful of projects or being the, “hey, fix my computer” department. Today, IT is intrinsic to every element of your enterprise. And while that’s brought a lot of great and exciting developments, simplicity isn’t one of them.

Dialpad is the cloud based, AI-powered phone system that supports voice, video, and messages all from your existing devices.

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ROI Survey ­ Impact of CRM in the Relationship Era ebook

In the Relationship Era, CRM is impacting businesses and teams like never before. (Yes, even Marketing and Customer Success teams are using CRM now.). We surveyed our customers and crunched some numbers to find out how they're using CRM to collaborate CRM to collaborate and build lasting customer relationships.

Find out:

  • The 4 perks of CRM that only some teams know about
  • One of the biggest time-­wasters for Sales teams
  • The differences between teams that use CRMs and teams that don't
  • And more...

Don't get left behind in  mediocre CRM-­land. Download the ebook for free.

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Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery Architectures

Comparing On-Premises vs. Hybrid vs. Hosted vs. Cloud-Native

There is more critical data to back up than ever before, and on-premises data protection has not kept pace. Modern data environments are distributed, and include remote and branch offices, mobile devices, and cloud applications.

Due to on-premises backup challenges, IT managers are struggling with lost data, fragmented management and poor visibility, which also impact their ability to comply with regional data residency and security rules, and service-level agreements (SLAs). To overcome these challenges, your organization will need to modernize your data protection strategy.

Read this eBook and you’ll learn:

  • The real challenge with on-premises data protection
  • Which data protection architectures are the most popular
  • The difference between hosted cloud vs. cloud native
  • Which cloud data protection strategy is right for your organization

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Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office

Financial institutions are counting on banking operations to help transform them into the bank of the future. But, most bank back offices still have between 300 and 800 back-office processes to manage and monitor -- hampering their progress and making data breakdowns are inevitable. As a result, banks can’t bring new offerings to market quickly, and still deliver disjointed experiences that leave consumers unfulfilled.

It’s time for a better way to approach back office automation.

Download Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office and learn how digitizing your back office processes with a workflow platform allows you to:

  • Automate data collection to reduce errors and standardize your data.
  • Digitize work flows to speed up end-to-end processing.
  • Reduce operating expenses and improve the cost-basis of consumer offerings.

Download Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office now.

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Citrix SD-WAN on AWS: WAN Reliability for the Distributed Enterprise

Keeping up with the speed and scale of the cloud and delivering a consistent user experience can be difficult when using legacy networking solutions. This eBook will explore how you can leverage Citrix SD-WAN, an intelligent edge-routing solution, to accelerate application and content delivery to branch office employees by:

  • Seamlessly connecting your on-premises and branch offices to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Leveraging real-time path selection to reduce network bottlenecks and enhance network resiliency.
  • Optimizing WAN performance through software-defined networking.

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Digital Asset Management: Enabling Visual Storytelling

Since your audience lives on the internet now and demands visual stories, your media library must meet this demand. Managing a growing media library requires a central hub from which teams can search and browse all digital assets, tag and organize files, manipulate and distribute assets, and track performance.

This central hub needs to be powerful and easy-to-use, enabling your organization to scale rapidly, without encountering bottlenecks that delay your time to market.

That’s why a digital asset management (DAM) solution is so critical, and why choosing the right digital asset management solution can be the difference between creating compelling, engaging experiences and stories for your customers, and slogging through workflow inefficiencies.

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2018 Contact Center Trends: Breaking Through The Barrier

By now, nearly all companies have realized that CX is the differentiator and customers value the experience above almost everything. Enormous effort and resources have been thrown at CX, and there have been huge gains. According to Forrester’s 2017 Customer Experience Index (CX IndexTM), however, CX quality plateaued or declined for most industries and companies.

So are we going to stay put or decline? Or are we going to punch through to the next level? 2018 will be the year where this is decided. So what will be the big stories? How will technology and automation advance the customer experience? Here’s our take on what we think will be the biggest trends in 2018.

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5 Tips for Reducing Time Waste In Your Business

Waste comes in many forms, and is epidemic in business today. Reducing waste helps MSPs to both increase margins and growth their businesses at the same time. So how do you effectively reduce waste in your organization? How do you create a sustainable infrastructure that allows you to get ahead of the game and stay there?

This e-book is designed to help you get started on the path to reducing waste. Focus on these 5 things as a starting point and you’ll be well on your way to reducing costs and minimizing waste in your MSP.

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A Manufacturer’s Guide to Growing Profitably

This eBook and research identify five key factors that growing manufacturers believe contributed to their business growth last year, and five risks that manufacturers believe may prevent or weaken growth in the following year.

Even if you do your best to try to plan for future growth, there will be surprises along the way . This eBook highlights the importance of being able to plan accurately for growth, and suggests areas of your business that you can critique to assess your ability to effectively plan for growth . It also identifies the risk factors and consequences that manufacturers who don’t plan for growth leave themselves open to .

The eBook concludes that, whether addressing risk factors or embracing growth factors, it’s their IT systems that will make or break manufacturers’ growth ambitions . With the right IT in place, they’ll be able to make better and faster decisions, helping them provide better and faster service to customers even as they grow, increasing their agility and their profitability .

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