Planning for Office 365 Gaps

Learn Office 365™ Migration Risks and How to Avoid a SaaS Monoculture.

When considering a move to Office 365, organizations must be aware of several significant risks to their email infrastructure. The cloud may seem like a simple, cost-effective alternative to on-premises email, but continuity and security issues cannot be overlooked.

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Ebook: Employees Behaving Badly? Why Awareness Training Matters

When it comes down to time, resources and conflicting priorities, it’s easy to let training fall to the bottom of the list. But the consequences of not prioritizing security awareness training are real.

Check out this brief, highlighting insights from global security leaders, to learn six easy actions that you can take today to make security awareness a key facet of your organization’s culture.

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Solution Providers Guide To Annuity Revenue Growth

Since the advent of the internet economy, IT manufacturers have been redefining the way their products are delivered to the commercial marketplace. As a result, channel organizations responsible for the sale and delivery of these products have had to repeatedly rethink how they create value in the way they service their clients. To identify the cause and effects creating disruptive shifts in the channel market, we must first understand the decisions our customers make and why they make them!

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VARs: Grow Revenue Through Better Contract Renewal Strategies

The ability to maximize revenue growth of any offering depends on the processes in place to support that offering. For solution providers, this is especially relevant for annuity and contract management. Annuity management is a profitable growth area, however, it can be a chaotic undertaking with increasing complexity as the business grows.

However, annuity agreement management is often approached with little regard to all three of those components. A common approach is to address the challenge with people, but with little regard to process and tools. As the business grows, the volume and complexity of the agreements quickly overwhelm a company’s ability to address the problem solely from a manpower perspective.

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VARs: Create a Path to Profit Through Increased Warranty Renewal

Solution providers have long recognized the value of annuity revenue and profit that can be realized by selling OEM maintenance and support agreements.

The ability to successfully manage these complexities creates value for customers and a significant opportunity for solution providers. In fact, solution providers who deliver a comprehensive management approach to their customers are already realizing significant improvements in annuity revenue and profit. And by using this approach, solution providers can also gain contract renewals on products sold by other vendors.

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VARs: Build a Bridge to Customers Through Service Contract Renewals

New customer acquisition is the holy grail of sales achievement. But while acquiring new customers is essential to growth, no business thrives without strengthening and growing their existing customer relationships. This is especially true when considering annuity revenue streams.

Today, most solution providers focus significant effort on increasing annuity revenue. These revenue streams are service related and include both solution provider and OEM-delivered services that are contracted and sold on a subscription basis. Creating greater customer connection and intimacy is a crucial component of developing and growing annuity offerings.

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3 Ways Your Users’ Feedback can Boost Your Bottom Line

With so many competing apps and websites offering comparable products and services, the battleground on which brands compete has shifted away from what they are providing, to how they are providing it. Leveraging user feedback early and often across the entire software development lifecycle guarantees the user experience you are providing reflects the same high level of quality you’ve established with your products and services. When you can differentiate your brand through your user experience, and improve your teams’ efficiency, your bottom line will reap the benefits.

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Is The QA Lab Dead?

The traditional QA lab cannot keep up with the demands of modern software development, unable to keep pace with developer speeds, cover the necessary level of devices and real-life use cases, and account for the entirety of an omnichannel experience.

Many organizations are opening their pockets to resolve these inefficiencies, but money alone won’t solve a traditional lab’s shortcomings. To succeed, organizations must adopt a new philosophy around QA.

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Using Digital Experience Monitoring for Cloud Performance Management

There’s a lot of talk about migrating applications to the cloud and managing the cloud’s performance, but what exactly does this mean? While we seem to be entering an era of “everything-as-a-service,” cloud services are typically divided into three broad categories: software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS).

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SaaS Monitoring

SaaS was one of the first cloud solutions to hit the market. It provides the ability to consume information through a browser or API. IT teams don’t have to manage applications, hardware, security, or storage; the vendor manages everything. Users subscribe to a SaaS service on a recurring basis and can easily scale. There are SaaS solutions for every function and department within an organization. Thousands of SaaS applications are on the market today covering everything from managing social media posts to video conferencing to obtaining signatures on contracts.

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API Monitoring: A Primer

As distributed systems evolved, so did the need for protocols that would act as a common platform for communication among independent systems. The introduction of HTTP as the data communication protocol underpinning the web paved the way for processes that enabled disparate applications to talk to each other. Application Programming Interfaces or APIs provided the building blocks for such processes.

So, what are API's?

As distributed systems evolved, so did the need for protocols that would act as a common platform for communication among independent systems. The introduction of HTTP as the data communication protocol underpinning the web paved the way for processes that enabled disparate applications to talk to each other. Application Programming Interfaces or APIs provided the building blocks for such processes.

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Innovate with a Modern Content Services Platform

In today’s dynamic environment, companies need software solutions that let IT move quickly and in whatever direction the business wants.

Unfortunately, when it comes to enterprise content management (ECM), most companies have a patchwork of disparate systems built up over years of departmental and tactical deployments.

This messy mix of legacy systems exacts a high price. It’s costly to maintain and a real drag on operational efficiency, user productivity and IT resources.

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Architect for the Cloud

When it comes to managing content in the cloud, it’s not a question of if, but when, how, and for what use cases. This guide covers some practical considerations for pursuing a successful cloud-based content management strategy, with a focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Integrate Content & Process

Merging your process and content can transform your organization—putting you that much closer to achieving digital transformation. From making your content generally more useful for customers and employees to having your business run more efficiently, this eBook will uncover practical tips and insights on how to successfully digitize and automate your business.

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Build-in Information Governance

With increasing regulations across the globe aimed at protecting personal data and ensuring information is appropriately secured and managed, it is vital to have control of your content and processes. Without suitable security, policy controls and lifecycle processes, your content can be a big liability. Compliance issues,large fines, undermined trust and brand reputation are all at stake.

This eBook looks at best practices for invisibly embedding Information Governance into your ECM system and content-driven processes, so it just happens.

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